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All around the country the implementing of the Westminster-orchestrated cuts are starting to bite.  Persons charged with the targetting of this circumscription of public services are with monotonous predictability homing in on a 'path of least resistance', which translates into hitting the most vulnerable with least recourse to retaliate the Hardest!  


How this translates locally, again with tedious consistency, is that there will not be a closure of just one centre for the homeless and vulnerable - they are All stunned into submission and destined to close:  there is not just One mental health day centre evicting its vulnerable clients in any single locality - they are All bearing the Brunt of the Savagery and shutting their doors.  Being a Healthcare centre is no protection either:  Trusts are seizing upon the opportunity to curtail their less glamorous or headline grabbing obligations and pulling the plug on all Social care wherever they can get away with it.  


Immune from the vulnerability of reliance upon public services, the more affluent enclaves of this society pass through unscathed, oblivious to the high impact of an over-zealous sequestering of public finance happening throughout the land.  No, the homeless and vulnerable, the mentally ill do not gravitate towards unaffordable parts of the country, nor are we likely to.  As the society polarises once again at the hands of a mis-managed, elitist phalanx of Plutocrats who manipulate the public finances to their own advantage,  I reflect that we were here before in the 1980s when British Industry shut up shop and the local economies of most industrial areas were reduced to leaning heavily upon service-industries and little else.  Has that strange hybrid mixture of Predator and Over-lord - the British Tory, learned nothing from its past mis-deeds?  No,  Apparently not.  David Cameron, cocooned in his delusional world of make-believe service for no recompense is plunging us into a hell-hole of squalor and ghetto, oblivious to the consequences of his own mis-guided actions.  The worry is not now How did it start?  - it is Where will it End?  Let's just hope its tears before bed-time and No More Paternity Leave for Big Daddy - because none of Us will go Gentle into That Good-night.    



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