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You can contribute via any of the existing resource pages on this site -  click on the Resources tab or sub menu links that appear when you hover the cursor over the resources tab.

But you may have some suggestions which don't seem to fit into any of these, or may prefer to make your suggestions more instantly and directly than via form filling or contacting a site administrator.

You can suggest resources, links to resources or ideas about resources by commenting on this page
or on similar pages for more specific topics - see resource discussion pages within groups below.

Suggestions can then be collated as below





Just a listing to start with, but as and when we get more entries we can think about how to display better

Profile Icon James Derounian Guardian online blog entires via Journalisted


  • The People's Budget, campaign to get a much greater say in how public budgets are spent locally

Visualising: see Visual Camp

Maps and data: see separate discussion: Our Society maps: your suggestions

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Resource discussion pages within groups


Resource reviews
Reviews of resources can be very helpful. How can we co-create access to more reviews of relevant resources?
Resources in development
Please feel free to include these and actively seek collaboration via Our society.


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The Place Station is a fairly new and thus sparsely populated resource at present.

It aims to connect local space with people and their project ideas, 


via @noelito, looks a really interesting project transforming empty spaces in kent into artistic encounters

Suggest my Guardian online blog entires via Journalisted http://journalisted.com/james-derounian 

For community resources try www.southampton.gov.uk/communityresources. There are how to guides, templates, case studies and links to online training; we hope all of which will enable you to improve your experience of getting involved with your local community.

For a blog try www.southamptonscommunities.tumblr.com. Follow us to find out what's happening where and when in Southampton and how you can be part of it. We help communities make changes to where they live by actively getting involved to make a difference.

Hi Sam, thanks for that. Looks a great collection of resources!

RT : The Role of in Mobilising Community Assets (pdf)


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