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Lost in Translation

A group to capture and map some of the projects in danger of being lost.

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Comment by Phil Green on December 5, 2011 at 9:44

Three quarters of councils cutting school transport, 2 December, Campaign for Better Transport

Comment by Phil Green on February 17, 2011 at 9:27
Some examples of cuts affecting Scotland's third sector in a post on Sustainable Scotland, plus link to (downloadable) manifesto from SCVO: "It’s not too long, it’s jargon-free, it’s readable, it’s positive, it’s filled with good thoughts and good ideas, it provides a guide to a sustainable future for the third sector which means a more sustainable future for all of us. Do download, do read, do get angry and incensed and outraged about the alternative future, the hellish one, which might await us"
Comment by Phil Green on February 16, 2011 at 10:10
Possibly related: Voluntary sector Cuts
Comment by Phil Green on February 7, 2011 at 8:37
More of an indirect / related thing:  Save our Buses, Campaign for Better Transport, interactive map highlights the scale of the problem facing local buses.
Comment by David Wilcox on January 21, 2011 at 11:54

In the Feedback group discussion on Our Society aims I posted this below in response to news of an Our Society group in Dudley.

Any relevance?


It's going to be easier to pin down the Our Society aim and offer when we have a better understanding of what's needed, and would be welcomed, so I'm really interested in the idea an Our Society group in Dudley ... and elsewhere.It seems to me that it may be difficult, with limited resources, for Our Society to engage extensively with individual projects beyond inviting people to join this community.How about piloting the idea of a kit that would help people locally organise an event, and if they wished, set up a group. The group might be around an issues, or it might aim to find out and map what happening locally and see where the opportunities lie. Up to them locally ... but we could pull together some background BS/OS briefing, help on organising, and also on reporting from events back to this site (and elsewhere). Maybe we could help make connections with hyperlocal and other community media folk. I'm not suggesting this site becomes the only focus ... the aim would be to help connections with other networks and groups. Mesh not hub and spokes, beginning to build a new distributed infrastructureI'm guessing you know how to do all the local organising in Dudley :-) ... but what do others need? And  could Dudley share expertise?Getting excited here ...

Comment by Peter Clarke on January 20, 2011 at 15:11

In general terms for me 'the lost in translation' is the issue of what is said Nationally (probably with good intentions) how local authorities should support communities/individuals - with promises that this support will be maintained.  And how locally (including tory authorities - like here in Notts) this is actually actioned.  A major example here is Notts CC are cutting up to 60% from Supporting People but the Government cut to this particular stream is nothing like this - David Cameron when challenged about this locally says it is wrong to do this - however by no loger ring fencing budgets and giving LA's 'freedom' to spend their money as they see fit it gives them an opt out.

Another example of this is the women who today has threatened to put her severely handicapped child into care because of the lack of support (she was personally visited on the election campaign by David Cameron (his child suffering similar problems at the time)) who promised further investment in families with disabled dependants but of course this care is the responsibility of the LA.  As I see it you cannot on the one hand say you're devolving all decisions on  spend to LA's without creating an unequal society as this is the interpretrd locally.

Closer to home for me is the interpretation of the Big Society as doing everything for yourself so the answer to some of the issues raised here in Notts is 'they should just go on and do it themselves' regardless of ability or capacity.  Again the acknowledgement of extra support (more Community Organisers for the most deprived areas) is seen as 'Nanny State' doing things for people.  Community Development at a County level was stopped last year using this rationale.




Comment by Emma Lees on January 13, 2011 at 9:51

Hi Sal


I think you have made the point I was hoping this group would be about. Its not always about the money but the lack of support from the people that have the power to help. 



Comment by Paul Webster on January 12, 2011 at 22:57

Hi Sal


Yes there is a very real risk that local initiatives such as this could get lost or swept away as cuts are made.Can I suggest that you contact your local MP to really bring home the point that this is making a difference to an important section of the community and that your voice mustn't be stifled.

The Real Power For Communities campaign aims to keep a clear message that Localism Bill must be for communities and give local people - incl equalities groups a real voice in local democratic decision making.

You can email your MP here or join the group here in Our Society for updates.


Probably not quite the right answer - but hope it helps




Comment by Sal Hampson on January 12, 2011 at 17:23
This group is a great idea. I have been having real concerns about equalities groups falling through the gaps amidst local authority cuts. I just can't see how, for example, traditionally 'unpopular' groups are going to receive overt support when (popular) social care services are being cut. There isn't a forum (or at least I haven't noticed one) to get any idea about the possible scale of loss that could occur. So - real example - in Shropshire we have an LGB Film Festival - an annual thing with low costs and lots of money raised from private business - in fact the whole lot could be raised that way so it's not money that is the point here. At the moment Shropshire Council supports the festival (a week long annual event) in a partnership kind of way - offering the local (80 seat) cinema as a venue (they get the ticket sales). Last year they introduced bums on seats targets which were met and exceeded - and again this year. Now they are saying that next year the festival will have to hire the venue "like anyone else". As I said this isn't about the money - it is all affordable - it is about being seen to have public sector endorsement - 'out and proud' (more than just about films) but I suspect that the Council will not want to be seen to 'support' an LGB Film Festival. Thoughts on a postcard and other examples where it isn't the money, it is the visible support that is the issue - what a catastrophe for equalities groups which are going to be set back decades!

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