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David Wilcox

A great week for Our Society thanks to Your Ideas

It's only a few days since a group of us offered an invitation to generate some ideas on evolving Our Society - and there's been a brilliant response. Thanks!

Over on the ideas platform there are 29 ideas, with much thoughtful commenting. Currently the top ideas are a rating system for public services, creating local maps - including through treasure hunts - social media surgeries and a framework for local social innovation.

It's all been done just through posts and messages here and on Twitter, and achieved in a couple of days from pretty much a standing start. 

This suggests that with more promotion there's a lot of scope for creative responses to our current situation, both nationally and locally.

Julian Dobson has promoted Our Society on the Platform 10 blog, taking ideas into the Tory heartlands, thanks to an invite there from Nick Denys and Fiona Meville, and on Guardian Voluntary. That earned the ideas platform a mention in the Guardian Society Daily.

David Mills picked up the theme and has turned it into a poll on whether charities should engage critically with Big Society, quoting Julian, who advocated: 
"critical engagement with the issues while challenging what I see as a failure to engage with the real-world experience of the people and communities who are critical to the success of these ideas."

That's running roughly 70/30 in favour at the moment.

What's next? Here's my thoughts on the process:

  • Please give us more ideas ... and/or comment and vote
  • If you have an idea up already, please look at others and see if you can amalgamate
  • We'll review early next week, and then it may be time for another round of ideas ... this time about how to take things toward action.

What do you think?

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David Wilcox Comment by David Wilcox on February 13, 2011 at 9:59pm
Thanks to Toby Blume, CEO of Urban Forum, for getting in a plug for us on Radio 4 Today - prompting the headline "It's our society, our vision" That line comes at end of the 6 minutes of Toby with Danny Kruger, David Cameron's former special adviser.

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